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How to Make Pan bolic (Simple Grid Antenna)

Before making a pan bolic, we must know first what it is and what its function bolic pan.

What is a Pan bolic?

  Bolic skillet is an antenna made from basic materials Pan. Bolic pans are two versions of the Antennas grid, the difference between pan bolic with Grid Antenna only lies in the materials and cost efficiency. Grid antenna / satellite TV as we know, the price is very expensive, may be 2 or 3 million-an. While the pan bolic costs only less than 200,000. With functions similar to the antenna grid, pan bolic more efficient. Bolic skillet is a radio receiver antenna with a frequency of 2.4Ghz. And another great, Frying Pan Indonesia bolic is children's work, steady right?

What is the function of this bolic The Frying Pan?

A.       Shooting WI-FI signal is far away (you can shoot up to 2 Km-9km)
2.       Strengthening the wireless signal
3.       Adding Modem signal (if in use for the modem, can shoot up to HSDPA HSUPA)

Making way:

A. 36 diameter frying pan? (The larger the diameter the better)
2. PVC plastic gutter size slim 3 "30cm
3. Doff 3 "2 pieces
4. Aluminum foil
5. Bolt + nut sizes 12 and 14
6. Wireless USB
7. USB Extension cable 1 meter (length as needed, can be purchased at computer stores)

A. Ruler
2. Blade / Cutter
3. Hacksaw
4. Drill (for punching holes in the pan and doff)
5. Miser (To enlarge the hole in the pan after-Bor to get the appropriate size with the size of the bolts 12 and 14)
6, the same tea + Snacks Peterpan song-Dara wakakakak

Estimated price for the purchase of materials issued Wajanbolic is less than Rp 300,000, -. Compare jikan you have to buy a Grid antenna 24 db, which are crafted by local Rp 500,000, - import more and that could reach $ 1,000,000, - more. Or purchase price of a local grid antenna was Rp 200,000, - while the imports could reach Rp 300,000 more.


A. Prepare all materials and equipment needed.

2. Punch a hole right in the middle of frying pan the size of the bolt ujuran 14, if not big enough to use stingy, just one hole only.
Then, measure the diameter and depth of pan frying. Why have to use ngukur2 all? We use to calculate the feeder (which is not in the pipe surface coated Aluminum Foil). The formula to find Feeder:

F = D ^ 2 / (16 * d)

* Note:
- F: Feeder
- D: Diameter pan
- D: The depth of the Frying Pan
- '^' Rank, '/' division, '*' multiplication

Example: pan with D = 70 cm, d = 20 cm then the distance from the center point focus dish: F = D ^ 2 / (16 * d) = 70 ^ 2 / (16 * 20) = 15.3 cm (The part that was not given Aluminum Foil.

A. Cut a 30 cm PVC plastic gutter, then put a feeder to its distance (region-free aluminum foil). To determine the length of its feeder using the above formula.
2. Give a hole in the plastic gutter to put the USB Wireless, about 5cm from the tip of the PVC.

3. His next, wrapped with PVC plastic gutter with aluminum foil on areas other than the feeder, if the aluminum foil that there is no adhesive, it is to be taped using double tape.

4. Doff a single drill holes for bolts to be in pairs on the Frying Pan

5. On the doff (PVC plastic gutter caps) that will be installed at the end of the PVC should give in aluminum foil, while the doff of the pairs in the pan does not need to put aluminum foil

6. Enter the Wireless USB to existing holes in the earlier mark

8. And the pair had to doff PVC plastic gutter

9. Then, in a skillet that has been paired with a doff bolongi that one again, before doff the hollowed to fit the bolts that are at the ready, and tighten to taste.

10. Then the pair lived PVC plastic gutter pan had to doff already installed.


11. Completed. Bolic live in a skillet set / directed where it is WI-FI.

12. If it fails, such as Wireless USB is not legible, or illegible but did not get a signal on the fire hotspots, chances are there are small errors during the assembly.

Try it and enjoy