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How to Easily Submit Sitemap.xml In Root Directory Blogspot

After Looking for about sitemap.xml starting to make the sitemaps.org and upload sitemap to the root directory , all references to the read end zero. In fact, to date I have not found how to upload files to the root directory of bloggers. (Who knows wrote please .... eheheheh)

It's different if we buy their own hosting because there we can use cPanel what else to joomla, wordpress, drupal and its other.

But after trying a variety of ways it is not difficult to submit sitemap.xml on blogspot, just a touch small and sitemap.xml webmaster is accepted and no errors. 

Her main requirement is that we have a blog or website we link to Google Webmaster account, if you have not read anymore How Linking Blogs By Webmaster

After logging into Google Webmaster account, click another icon Add / Test Site , if not met, read another article above. In the box after typing the website address of the blog or sitemap.xml ago submitkan.

Obstacles will appear Especially for my friend cara.com tips that have their own domain, like me www.kiat-cara.com , we can not directly submit sitemap.xml do this, if we submit sitemap.xml to the top domain will display a message General HTTP error: 404 not foundif you do not believe try it ... eheheh ..

So what's his solution, so many similar questions arise for this.

Okay on the article How to Link Blog with Webmaster above we have discussed how to Add A Site or add a blog or website to the webmaster. To add it back to your blog which is a subdomain of blogspot, for example subdomain www.kiat-cara.com is http://thebest-technic.blogspot.com So add another blog to blogspot.com earlier. 

After we successfully added a blog before, verification also first, only then Submit it again sitemap.xml like the example above. for his www.kiat-cara.com sitemap.xml is http://thebest-technic.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml try just copy paste in browser tips cara.com, Eits ... can be downloaded on .. . eheheh ....

Make it easy submit sitemap.xml to Google Webmaster , May be useful ...

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