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How Linking Blogs by Google Webmaster

Maybe friends know that this tutorial is already so many other bloggers released by her, but because most copy and paste the article so that the article is still a lot of its shortcomings. So the purpose of this article was written to complement the lack of friends earlier, if still not added again yes .... Google Webmaster Tools is a free service the company's search engine giant, Google that allows us to monitor and optimize your blog or website.

Services This also makes it possible to ask the search engines do crawling on your blog or website and monitor the 'health' of a blog / web . Obviously it is very important benefits for the bloggers in optimizing the blog. could sign up for google webmaster main requirement is that we must first have a google account or google email, for those who do not have please register first at mail.google.com, for those who already have, let's link blog to Google webmaster us.

1. Please visit the address here Google webmaster and blogger simply login if we use gmail email, we've usually go directly to the home page Google webmaster, and our blog has existed in the list of blogs related to our email account. If no please register by clicking on the icon Add a site .

2. Click Manage site on the right side of the blog kita.pilih Add or remove users later on the icon owner click again To change or remove a site owner, please go to owner verification page .

3. Then select another menu Verify using a different method .

4. There are 4 choices of verification, you should select the method HTML tags only.

Copy the code and paste in the HTML template we should just after the code <head> . template After that save it again and then back again to the verification page and click the icon before Verify , but remember not to click on before we successfully insert code into our template earlier verification . If successful it will come out a message that we have successfully verified the blog and it is connected to the webmaster. 5. To use another feature click its icon webmaster tools or click continue , then do another step No. 2, but here we are not to verify. Notice from the menu on the left hand Configuration, Health / Health, Traffic, Optimisation / Optimization and Lab. Optimize the use of each of them. To Configuration menu are:
Settings useful for optimal targeted search our blog. If you want to optimize the visitor in Indonesia just change the target of his Geography to Indonesia. Sitelinks   should not be used in order to remain visible on search.

URL parameter is useful to define the parameters, remember if you are not sure you should not made ​​her special parameters. Change address , if we move the domain replace as an existing domain. Users and Associates just blog info only 6. For Menu Health or Health we will be given information about the health blog, what matters is the menu we optimize Fecth As Google or take as Google. Click on this option Fecth and leave the box blank in order to directly address additional to the main page of our blog. After successfully click again submit to the index . When we first began to use this feature you should select only the URL and all linked pages so that all pages of the blog will be indexed faster.

7. Now we proceed to the Traffic menu, here there's nothing we can optimize for this menu is only reporting 8. On the Menu Optimization Sitemap , add sitemap link our blog by clicking Add / Test Sitemap enter address below one by one.




feeds / posts / default? alt = rss

Or could address other sitemap. Clicks Refresh the page if it is on the Submit it. If you see a pending means we've had success, just wait a few days and other reports will be seen, which is important not to
General HTTP error: 404 not found because it means our sitemap wrong. To Contents Keywords can be utilized as a keyword in our template settings, how ? see keywords that exist and keep on metacontent keyword in our template. But this data will appear 2-7 days after we've linked our blog to Google Webmaster, so for a new one, check again later. Google webmaster for her perhaps the most important was we do, but if you want to experiment go ahead in tooling Her other features especial ... Hopefully useful ...

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